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For Nemo Lighting

Movement is this lamps central aspect.


The cable functions as electricity source an constructive element at once. It relates the projecting arm with a leathered counterweight that keeps the balance.


Dimensions: 184cm x 165cm x 6cm

Material: Aluminium, Steel, Leather


For Nemo Lighting

FOX brings the light where it is needed. 

Its slewing arc allows to flexibly position the light cone. Additionally the cylindric head can be directed. 

The extremely thin pipe and the cylindric head create a very light and graphic impression. 

At the same time the combination of broad arc and targeted light leaves much space for the user.


Dimensions: 180cm x 225cm x 28cm

Material: Aluminium, Steel


For Nemo Lighting

The light stands on one point. Two weights made of solid brass ensure the balance.


The light can simply be placed on a table edge or similar. When you move it, it oscillates and always returns to the horizontal position.


The linear Led module is embedded in the profile. This area you can rotate around its own axis, making the lamp versatile providing diffused direct and indirect lighting.


Contact-free switching and dimming is enabled by a proximity sensor.


Dimensions: 94cm x 86cm x 1,2cm

Material: Aluminium, Brass, PMMA

The light was awarded with Best Of Design Plus by German Design Council.

DesignPlus transparent.png

For Nemo Lighting


The light leans against the wall and simultaneously uses it as a diffuser.


It consists of a rod bent in two places. 


The points where it comes into contact with the wall and the floor are made of silicone and give the light a secure standing position.


In the upper part of the rod, led modules are embedded in the profile. It can be rotated 180°, thus providing direct or indirect illumination.


Dimensions: 205cm x  24cm x 33cm

Material: Aluminium, Steel

The light was awarded with the Wallpaper Design Awards 2020 and the First Prize Of Pure Talents Contest, IMM Cologne.

Pure Talents Contest.jpg
Design Awards 2020 NEO